Monday, July 8, 2013

[Artwotk] By Request


 This handsome one, was illustrated in this paper, he is my husband..
Since he know i start draw, he request one.. Of course, anything for you dear ;)

i love you Superhuman :)

artwork by Me

Much Love

[Artwork]: Monday

Hi there, you probably want to know what scarf i wear today.
 i wear bird motif scarf..
hihihii, actualy don't have the picture, so i draw it.. 
well, not bad. isn't it?
and because today is Monday of course i wearing my uniform, as usual. :)
artwork by: Me

Much Love

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Love Batik

Hi There,
MMhhh.. Work time actually, but just take a little time to post this.. coz i just want to tell you that I LOVE this BATIK Scarf So much.. Sangat INDONESIA sekali. And i've got my natural look with this one.. hohoho.. Ok, Back To Work guys...hihihihi  see you later...

 Batik Scarf: KAAYA

Much Love

Happy Jully!

Happy Jully and Keep Smille All Around :)