Friday, November 9, 2012

Being a Model???

Hi all, well, i admitted nowdays i rarely update this blog. And I'm so sory for that.

Well, i just wanna share the funny and silly hing i think. Being A Model for my own product. Well, i always take a picture but it for personal neede like share some style for blog. Now i need take some pose act like a model.. hohohoho...
Hope That's a good one..

Hahaha, sumpah deh rasanya mau ngomong ke diri sendiri, jadi model? Ciyuss? Mi Apah?
Rasanya saya lebih cocok jadi photografernya, mengarahkan gaya, memilihkan wardrobe dan memitch and match.. but this is something that i have to try..
New Experience.. 

And This is it..
My Photo..

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Thank You Love,

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