Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clothing Line: KAAYA


Hi, All So Sory have leave my blog for a while, coz prepare for my new project.
Introducing you my Cloting Line: KAAYA
As i ever told you before that i have a small business in selling scarf, now Alhamdulillah now KAAYA expand into the field of Fashion Muslim for Muslimah. 
KAAYA is now being for Muslimah Wear for Smart Shoping choise.
its Available at My Blogshop AM MARKET (please kindly visit it ;) ) 


available at:

for Join The Blackberry Group just email me for BB PIN at: 
with Text Message [AM-Blogshop]

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From Hobby Became a Money


Like i've tell you before in my post. Now i run my small business, KAAYA, that i called it "From Hobby Become a Money". yaa my hobby is sewing.. even i'm not an expert but for sew the scarf side i'm good enough for that... hahahaa..

KAAYA scarf is made by my self. I Sew it by my own. Why i do it by my self, coz i can control it more detail, and i want give the best.

When i looking people wear what you've made it like a pleasure, pride for my self.

KAAYA is Crafted by passion. Crafted from Hobby.

 Flower Print Scarf By KAAYA

More Collection Kindly Visit:
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Much Love

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Sometime life not running as well as we want. Sometime theres a condition that make you feel so down. And its can come anytime from everyone. We Just don't know. Sometime you'll feel that someone just want bring you down and you you are trully down by them.
You are fell you weak, can't handle the feeling, just feelin you are nothing?
yaaa trust me that's for a while you just need to be grateful to Allah SWT. What we have today, and what we had passed it's a lesson, it's a blessing, trust me there's always a wisdom in every thing problem in our life. We are blessing to got it. That mean we go to the next grade in our life.
Just be patient time will

I just learned "Some people come in your life as blessings, others came in your life as lesson."

Ada masa dimana kita terjatuh dan ada masa dimana kita akan bangkit kembali. Masa-masa Gemilang tentu pastinya akan kita miliki. :)
This Song, Gemilang by Andien is just Like Spirit Song for me.

Hari terus berganti banyak yang tlah terjadi
Dirimu kian pasti segala kan ku raih
Bila esok menjelang bahagiapun kan datang
Bintang di angkasa bersinar gemilang
*courtesy of LirikLaguIndonesia.Net
Tempatku tuju segala angan dan harapan
Tempat ku padu cita-cita dan impian
Tempat ku tuju setiap langkah yang berarti
Tetap menyatu dalam hasrat dan tujuanku selalu
Waktu terus menguji tekad yang ku miliki
Kini tlah terbukti segala kan ku gapai
Rintangan ku hadapi cobaan ku lalui
Semua tlah ku dapati tetaplah gemilang

Tempat ku padu cita-cita dan impian
Tempat ku pacu segala langkah yang berarti
Tetap menyatu dalam hasrat dan tujuanku selalu


Monday, September 10, 2012

Hijab Tutorial Various Turban Style


In This Video I Try to Show how to use Turban Style with Pashmina Scarf, but, you know that making a video tutorial is not always successful, before I've got the best one i have made some mistake in making video, and need to rewind it again and again. and this is one that i called "Dibuang Sayang". But Maybe you can take some style and fix it by your own at home.

and i just like to make the tittle is

Hijab Tutorial Various Turban Style With Annoying Lill Girl
(Dibuang Sayang)

And Just Take Some Picture With Alya After making the Video

Ok Guys..
Happy Watching and Have a Try at home yaa..

Much Love
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Hijab Tutorial 2 Fast To Be Stylish


Hi There, this is my other Hijab Tutorial Video. Hijab Tutorial Using Pashmina Scarf, I made in two style.
First Stye: Hana Tajima Style in Other Way, more simple and easy. 
Second Style Necklace Style You can wear it when you in hurry but also keep stylish.

Ok Guys..
Happy Watching and Have a Try at home yaa..


Monday, September 3, 2012

Hijab Tutorial: Simply Pashmina Scarf


Made this video before ied, but have no time to make the editing..
This is just my another hijab tutorial, this time i use pashmina scarf motif. This style is very simple and easy to use..and you can you this for formal or casual look.

Happy Watching..
Happy Try it!!

Next Insyaallah i'll give you step by step by picture.