Friday, August 31, 2012

Reward From

Dear All,

first i wanna say my belated..
Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin
Mohon Maaf Lahir Bathin Semua..
Please accept my appologize for all mistake that maybe i made in every word that i've wrote.

And i'm so happy cause i received Reward from
Yea i've return my 1000 point to this one.. 
Every post i've entry that featured by HijabLOOK i've got a point..

  1. Submitting Posts (Outfits, Articles, Videos) +50
  2. Commenting on posts +5
  3. Someone else comments on your post +2
  4. Visiting the site daily +5
  5. When your post gets on the featured page +100 (temporarily unavailable)
  6. Link your blog to +50
  7. Inviting friends +40
  8. Blogging about (email us at with your link and username to claim your points) +300
  9. Blog about an item you bought from the HijabLook Rewards Store +300
  10. Secret Codes  +10 to +500 

and every point can be return with a reward..
one of that is what i have got below :D

To Be Honest i dont know to wear that, just guessing how is it. Hope i wear the right way..
but I Love It So Much.. Very Comfortable to wear.. and very easy..

C'mon guys join with, collect the point and win the Reward.

Much Love,

Ps. They really know the right size for me!!
Thank You so Much :*

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