Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Traveling Tips for Hijabers


Do you love traveling? I do. And for hijabers there are an issue that traveling is complicated (aka. Ribet) because you must bring a lot of thing for you hijab stuff. well, as you know. Women, they want it look good, pretty and perfect all the time, in every condition, everywhere. What you wear it must matching for each stuff, between the pashmina and the inner, Pashmina and the clothes, the top and the pants or skirt, and the the shoes, the bag and bla bla bla.. i think this is really complicated right? are you?

I have also gone through similar hassles when i was went to Singapore. I have been in singapore for 3 days only. Yea 3 days, only 3 days, but i felt it like gonna be 3 weeks, so i want bring all stuff even i don't need that. hahahaha. No, no, but i think its gonna be so complicated if do that way, while you went by your self, must brought your suitcase by your self, no hubby just me and nova, i couldn;t let nova brought my suitcase of course, so i just make it simple by choose "THE RIGHT" thing that must i bring with me in my suitcase.
 This is some tips for the traveling:
- For model of the clothes, choose a top-down clothes so you can mix and match. For example, the first day wearing a pair of A, then on the third day of wearing pants that are the same but different tops.

- Basic color of the main options, or the soft colors to more easily mix and match

- Choose the pasmina color which can match with all clothes that you bring with. For excample Grey, Black, Brown. Choose the basic color for safety.

- Choose clothing with shirts or cotton material, other than light, if the aim to Singapore (like me) is more suitable.

- For Shoes, Flatshoes it the best choice for traveling. You can choose sneakers too if you want, or maybe wedgest with the short heels.

-For night (sleep) only bring one pijamas with the slighty fabric of course so it will not take place in your suitcase.

Ok, Hope my post can give you some option what will you bring with when you've traveling.
Happy Traveling

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  1. salam..ohh i LOVE the pant soo much! ^^ yup, it looks comfy enough for a long walk on a day of traveling =)

    1. Yess darling, its comfy enough for long walk for a day of traveling, sweat seep so much..
      bdw which pants do you love, both? :D

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