Monday, June 4, 2012

HFW Day 7 - Style Crush


Finally now we in the last day of Hijab Fashion Week.
Day 7 - Style Crush: Choose an HFW participant's style to try out with your own clothes! Show us which participants inspired you, or mirror a style that you mightnever have tried before.

From all HFW participant's i choose them. I love their style.
I think they are so cool.

 #1 style From Haina - Muslim Street Fashion

She's a mom, I love her style. She is the coolest mom i ever know. hihihi.
in my humble opinion Haina is funny girl, humble, cheerful and friendly.

 I think as mom we should still keep up our appearances.
Keep beautiful and stylish ;) 

And i crushing so much with her style on this pic.
With stripe t-shirt, harem pants, flats shoes, and vintage bag (suitcase .red)

AM i as cool as her?

Hope soo :D

I wore:
Stripe t-shirt (Unbranded)
 Harem Pants (347)
Post Bag (New Look)
Shoes (Lower East Side)

 #2 style From Nuraina - Emantipation of an Introvert
Know Nuraina from Blogwalking, and so happy when i know i join HFW May 2012, so i choose her because i lover her style. very simple but stylish.

Nuraina style shown an energy girl, creative, smart, friendly simple shown the feminism.

I wore:
White t-shirt (Unbranded)
Jacket (Color Box)
Ribbon Skirt (Queenaya)
Shoes (New Look)

 #3 style From Laila - Something like This Laila
Laila, young girl, i though :). Known her from this event and i show her for the first time at her blog posting on day 1 of hfw. And i really love her style. Boys look but still look feminim. Energic, cool well i crushing so much..

I wore:
Jacket (Unbranded)
T-Shirt (Borrow from Husband)
Pants (Novel)

Okay, after all, i just wanna to say. I love this event. Meet me with all girl from all over the world.
Share and learn much fashion things, and they are really really inspired.

This is the last day, i really enjoy and have fun joined this event, while i had a couple day lated to posted but hope my style would inspired you too.

I just can't hardly wait for the next event from HFW.

 Ok guys,
See you again.
Keep in touch yaa..

Cheers and love

I took the from their blog, hope they are don't mind
Thank you guys, you all inspired me ;)

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  1. MASHAALLAH!! you are too cute!!
    and yes you are way cooler than me!!!
    <3 your blog!

    1. thank youu haiina.. but i think you are coolest ;)
      and love your blog too.. love every post tht you've mad.. always interesting to read.. ;)

  2. You're a good 'protege'.. All looks were nicely done.

  3. Awww I love these ladies, mashaAllah! How did you get so close to their looks?! They have such diverse styles to begin with, and you got each down to almost exact! lol

    It was a pleasure having you and all the ladies join us for Hijabi Fashion Week, this season!

    ♥ Wafa of

    1. hi wafaa..
      thank you so much..
      i dont know maybe i love their style so much, so i try to the best in me to made my self a "looklike" of them.. ;)

      its was a pleasure for me too having fun with all girls, join for HFW. And cant hardly wait for next season :D

  4. Hi,
    this blog is my inspiration.
    someone who have chubby cheeks.
    it's difficult to style your hijab with round head, right?
    my compliments x

    1. Hi Mumtaz, thank you glad to heard that :)
      ya its hard you cover my chubby cheeks actually.. but i try the lose style in wearing hijab :D

      Thank you for visit dear ;)

  5. Hello, I find your blog from Google. I like your blog. About Haina, does she live in Sydney? I think I saw her before. Maybe she's my cousin friend.