Monday, June 4, 2012

HFW Day 6 - Date Night


Hohoho.. this is Are Late too..
i'm so sory.. :(

Day 6 - Date Night

I dont know how much "Date Night" we have been throught it together, after 7 years of dating, and married four years we never missed our "Date Night",  Go to the Movie (our favorite thing to do :D ), have a dinner or just hangout at Mall. Well, all it's just fun and we are enjoy it as our Quality Time, Our Time almost after we have a daughter, i think we need to spare a time just for both of us. 
"Our Time" = "Date Night"

 Actually he don't like camera,, little bit push him to saw my camera.. "pheewww!!

I Wore:
Grey Pinguin Top (Queenaya)
Eleanor Skirt (Queenaya)
Polka Scarf (Queenaya)
Wedges (VNC)

Have a nice day;)
Cheers and Enjoy!!
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