Monday, June 4, 2012

HFW Day 5 - Special Occasion


Day 5 - Special Occasion

OMG, sorry for lated posted. 
Hope not to late for the partisipation

Special Occasion when i can met my friends, old friends who had not met for each because of our busy.

Meet my school friends at School Reunion is a Special Occasion for me ;)

I Wore:
Mocca Hodiejah by Queenaya
Piled Skirt By Queenaya
Cardigan Unbranded
Clutch Bag By Belagio

Have a nice day;)
Cheers and Enjoy!!
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  1. wow for the layering on the skirt..huhu as my petite shape cant handle it..haha its nice on u though..

  2. thank you so much.. :D
    Ya.. my fav skirt, have this skirt with 3 color. hihihihi..