Friday, June 1, 2012

HFW Day 4 - Travel Destination


woww.. i hope this post are not too late. 

Day 4: Travel Destination 

 The place i want to go if i have my vacation is Bangkok. Try all Bangkok culinary, visit the traditional place and buoyant market.. wow,, that kind of fun i think and because Bangkok is Hot so when i've my vacation i will wear "T-shirt Thing" all about t-shirt fabric from top to toe.. upss not the shoes of course and of course for shoes i will use My Flat Shoes, the best thing for traveling.. :)

I wore:
Pinguin Top (Queenaya)
Romusha Pants (Queenaya)
Pashmina Shawl (Queenaya)
Shoes (Queena)



  1. salam kenal mbak, stylenya kerenn semuanya pake Queenaya >,< top dah :)..

    Aku follow yah mbak, mind to follow me back heheee

    From your fans :p

  2. Hi salam kenal juga...
    iya i'm Queenaya addict :D.. hihihi.

    sip..sipp i gonna follow you back ya dear ;)
    thank u ya udah follow aq :D

  3. oh i LOVE the penguin top?? hehe the name is so cute as the look! :) its really feel like im at Bangkok w all the pics n editing..very nice ^^

    1. Thank you siz.. it was, and it very comfortable for everyday use..
      hahaha hope so i'll be there someday not only on photo editing :P