Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hijab Tutorial #2: Jilbab Paris (New Style)


Today, jilbab fashion style are growth rapidly. New style are comin everyday. And the newest hijab style is using pashmina cotton shawl, and everyone change their hijab style to pashmina cotton shawl.
But i think Jilbab Paris are Never End. It seem no other style using Jilbab Paris, while if we want to try it theres various style we can find it. So never leave your jilbab paris.

And as my promises to you before, that i'll show you new style of jilbab paris tutorial. This is i made special for you beautiful friends, the step by step using Jilbab Paris with new style. I created it by my self. Try it again and again who finally found a cool style. Hope you like it. Happy Trying Beautiful Womens :)

Inner Ninja, Jilbab Paris and 2 Pcs Pin

Take one side of the veil paris, take the side of the middle and tied to the back of the neck, pinned pin.
(Ambil salah satu sisi dari jilbab paris, ambil bagian tengah sisi tersebut dan ikatkan ke belakang leher, sematkan jarum pentul.)

 STEP 2.
Take one side (right / left). Pull the ends of veil and rotate it covered your head. Set it to look neat.
(Ambil salah satu sisi (kanan/kiri). Tarik ujung jilbab dan putarkan menutupi kepala. Atur agar terlihat rapih.)

 STEP 3.
Hold the back of the ear and then pinned a pin so that the veil is not shifted. Then grab the one side, then pull the end of the fabric and pinned on the inside / behind the veil / attached to the clothing
(Tahan bagian belakang telinga kemudian sematkan jarum pentul agar kerudung tidak bergeser. Kemudian ambil sisi yang satu, kemudian pull ujung kain dan sematkan dibagian dalam/belakang jilbab/menempel pada pakaian.)

Oke, My Beautiful Womens, teman-temans cantik selamat mencoba.
Jilbab Paris are Never End!
P.s the video will be soon upload. dont missed it okey ;)
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  1. great! ^^

  2. Subhanallah cantik nya :)
    pakai nya juga simepl gk ribet :)

  3. Thank you for the step-by-step directions on how you suggest wearing the jilbab. It was very helpful and I will pass it along to some of my friends.

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