Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Report: Queenaya Bersedekah


Alhamdulillah on Sunday, Queenaya has already collect 200 pieces of clothing worth taking. This cloth come from some friend are participated at Hijab Workshop By Queenaya. Thank you for all friend that already join with us on Queenaya Program Bersedekah, with main purpose collect 1000 of of clothing worth taking to donate to the poor.

On Sunday, April 2012 we just gave the the 200 pieces first of clothing to Yayasan Al-Muslimun that places at. Jl. Saturnus Utara No. 8 Bandung.
Yayasan Al-Muslimun, Jl. Saturnus Utara No. 8 Bandung

200 pieces of clothing worth taking was given to Yayasan Al-Muslimun

We are open to all friend who want to join with us. We accept all Clothing worth taking from you. If there any question about this program you may send it by email to: queenaya.hijab@gmail.com. We will so much appreciate for your participate :)

We ready to pick it to your house or you can deliver it to our address :)

Thank you somuch all,

Syukron friend :)


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