Monday, April 30, 2012

Random: Old Formation


Since end of 2011, some friend are resign from office and some friend are comin. And after that we've very quite meet, busies with our own. But yesterday, UU (third from lef on pic) birthday and we've meet together and this is the old formation are back.

It's quietly fun, miss this moment very much, just wanna push pause button for this.

Miss you guys.

Medy, ii, uu, indri, ega, me, zee, aya, fajar and pipin (They are like family for me.)

UU birthday, April 29, 2012

With my lovely fam

I Wore: Pashmina Cotton Shawl (Queenaya), Top&Cardi (Unbranded-BIP), Harem Pants (347), 
Shoes (Lower East Side), Bag (Unbranded Gift From Mom)


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