Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hijab Tutorial: Jilbab Paris


Since i work at a office which required me to using an uniform, its mean i'm in a formal look, so i need a formal hijab fabric to wear, one of them is Jilbab Paris, but sometime i've get bored with the old style, so i modify the style and i usually wear this to the office. Hope this Jilbab Paris Tutorial work for you too.

 Item Need:
Inner Ninja, Jilbab Paris and 2 Pcs Pin

 1. Take one side of the viel paris, wearing the same side (ambil salah satu sisi dari jilbab paris, pakai sama sisi)

2. Take one side and keep the ends behind the ears, hold. (ambil salah satu sisi dan simpan ujungnya
di belakang telinga, tahan)

3. Do the same with the remains on the same side, hold and pinned a pin from the outside (Lakukan hal yang sama dengan masih pada sisi yang sama, tahan dan sematkan jarum pentul dari sisi luar)

4. Take one side, then pull the end of the fabric and pinned on the inside / behind the veil / attached to the clothing (ambil sisi yang satu, kemudian tarik ujung kain dan sematkan dibagian dalam/belakang jilbab/menempel pada pakaian)


Ok, pretty, hope this work for you who have the same problem with me :)

 And i made it into a video hope you like it :)

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  1. aku suka style nya :)
    bagus bagus..
    makasi kak, bisa nambh ilmu :D