Monday, March 12, 2012

Women In Uniform


Women in Uniform. i AM. Aldhila Mahati. Married Women, a Mom//preuneur and a WOMEN IN UNIFORM. The first word i'll say it. 24H ITS NOT ENOUGH, i need more!!!!

Split my daily life into 3 part. House, Office and Business. This is better coz before i split it into 4, plus a student college.. Gosh!! Alhamdulillah, now i had Graduated. But i still feel 24 its not enough..

Monday To Friday, AM to PM I Finish my daily life as employer and i called it my office life in other meaning i finish1/3 of my day at office with an Uniform. Can you imagine that? as a mom, i left my daughter at home and use my uniform stay on my table, sit in front my laptop for almost 8 hour. Doing all task are ordered by "my big mama" while i leave my priority job as a mom to the nany. i wish i could leave this uniform and turn my 1/3 of my day into house life stay beside my daughter, use my "daster", sit beside my daughter and doing all thing that she needed.

But someday i'll choose my daughter over my uniform, over money and other things till she doesn't need me this much. If i do the opposite i know i'll regret it in the future. So i sure i'll be so happy with my choice.

There are things that monet can't buy. Being there with my daughter is priceless.

As a women, wife, mother, i would rather to take down my uniform. I want to be free from the binds of the office hours and all task are followed. Focus with my priority as a wife and a mom.

Well, i just wait for the time.. i believe the time will come for us. 
Semua akan indah pada waktunya.


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