Friday, March 9, 2012

Play With Square Top


I Love play with my daughter Alya, it kind of my pleasure time to me. Happy Feeling fulfill me..
I love to play with what i wearin on. Find another style when i've got bored with the same style.
Today i play with my Square Top.. i'm not only can wear it as a Top but also cardigan.
Actualy you can use other Top too as Cardigan such a Batwing Top not only Square Top.
Let's try with yours and i'll try with mine :)
Hope you love it..

Wear it as Top
Wear it As Cardi

I Wore:
Top: Square Top (Handmade), Hodiejah (Queenaya)// Pants: 347 Harem Pants// Shoes: The Fly

Alya Wore:
Dress & Sandals: Sukowati (Bali)

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  1. Salam. Lucu banget your daughter.. I hope i got it right, i meant to say that your little girl is soooo cute.. Just like her mom.. ;) always wanted a girl myself, my only son is 8 now.. Hope i'd have a sister to give him soon..

  2. Hi, thank you.. she must be so happy to heard that :D
    i wish you have the girl with you someday dear, and i wish boy with me too, twiin. *iwish.. hohohoho..