Sunday, February 26, 2012

Queenaya Bazaar Review Part II

Notice that the visitor are so excited with hijab tutorial, they keep asking how to wear all those shawl, and we appreciate it so much. We ask for permission to the bazaar committee for provide us a schedule on last minute to participate on the event to give a Hijab tutorial. How to wear the shawl. And The committee are so excited too. So we can participate and this is our first time to give a Hijab tutorial like a hijab Class. 

Audience are so excited, they pay attention so much with what we've presentation. And after the hijab tutorial presentation we give them a game. Repeat the tutorial and wear it to the model. Very fun coz they are so excited, run to the stage and follow the game. 3 participant are on the stage with they model, and repeat the hijab style that was we presented. Well, the really remember every style that we've give to them. And finally to appreciate that we gave them a gift. And they are so happy. And that make us happy too.
This Hijab Tutorial hope can be an experience for us to make next Hijab Class, 
and share many tips to others.

And hope it works for all muslimah. With Hijab we can also look beautiful and stylish.

See You Again,

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