Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play and Work //Part I (PLAY)


Just like the other i just have 24 hours in one day. And sometime i feel i need more than that, share it for office life, my house life for my lovely family and of course for QUEENAYA. Sometime i take my weekend to share with they both, Family and Queenaya. Play with Family and Work for Queenaya. Play and Work such my pleasure time together with the pepz that i love and with the thing i love to do.

This time i have my "Play and Work" time at Taman Lalu Lintas Bandung. Play with Family while i take some picture for QUEENAYA Promotion Product.

Play and Work
My Family, i called it The Wibisono aka Tripe A For Anggi, Aldhila and Alya :D
Lovely Husband and Daughter ;)
They are my spirit, love the so much

Love "Perosotan" So Much

Prewedding Look Like :D

Always Love him
Waiting the train

I wore:
Hodiejah (Queenaya)
Lolipop Top (Queenaya)
Unbranded Jeans (King Shoping Center)
Unbranded Cardi (King Shoping Center)
Gladior Sandals (Austin)

Alya Wore:
Stripe T-Shirt (Baby Gap)
Shoes (Disney)

See You Again


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