Thursday, February 9, 2012

Play and Work //Part II (Work)


Contiunued last post, this is some picture what i did when i work for QUEENAYA. Help Nova do a make up such "Memasang Bulu Mata Palsu" this is my second time. Indeed i'm a amatir on Make-up. I do make up just a ussual make up. On my daily look, i always i have natural make up, nothing special. but not to bad too.. hahahaa.. but maybe i'm talented to do an artistic work such "Memasang Bulu Mata Palsu" for Nova hahahaha.. maybe next i should try for my self, coz i haven't did that for my self :p. 

The other is i wrap a shawl for my Model, Nova. well, i talented for this than give a make up :D. hahaha but of course i'll learn to do and have a good make up maybe next i will be the Make Up artist, who's know? *hope.. 

The important thing in this part is Taking a Picture. well, i an amateur photographer too. Actually i love this part, coz i love photography long time before i have QUEENAYA. and with QUEENAYA its such i have self actualization, doing artwork, photography and artdesign.

Well, this is some picture.. 

Helping Nova Put "BULU MATA PALSU" lol
Well, NOT BAD kaaan? iyakaan? *maksa
Helping Nova wrap a Shawl

Preety Isnt she?? Yess!!
And This is some picture when i .AM take a photo for Queenaya 

Photo Taken By:
My Hubby
Pak Lukman (Nova Husband) Thank You So Much ;) 
and Some taken by Atat (Alya's Nany, Seem She Have Talented Too right) 

See You Again. 


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