Monday, February 20, 2012

I Love to Play With Scarf


I really love scarf. I have Polka Motif with the pink color, the favorite one. And the material made from Sifon Silk. Very slight and soft, so its very comfortable to everyday use. And very comfortable for some occasion either it for formal look or casual look.. you can use it. And i love to play with this Scarf, beside use it as a headscarf i also can use it as a outer.. and this is i show you the pic.. hope work for you too, play with your own scarf at home ;) 

Polka Scarf From Queenaya
Use it as Headscarf
Use it as Vest (Outer)
Use it as Front Vest (Outer)

I Wore:
Top: Black Hodiejah (Queenaya)// Black Inner (Queenaya)// Polka Scarf (Queenaya)//
Bottom Skirt: Japan Piled (Queenaya) //
Accessories: Clutch Bag (Belagio)// Sunglasses (Unbranded)

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  1. Salam. This is exactly what I like most about you, dear.. You're creative to bits!

  2. Hi, hahaha thank you so much..glad to know that i'm creative, wish i'm creative enaugh as your though dear ;)