Monday, February 27, 2012


Just info, ones of my hobby is sewing.. actually i love  crafts, and one of them is sewing. i had learned about sewing, how to make a pattern, cutting a fabric and sewing that made it into a beautiful clothes. But i never focus about that. So i never get expert. Maybe not yet. Hopefully someday.

In this post i want to share to you all HOW TO MAKER YOUR OWN MAXI VEST LAYER. 
Do It Yourself//DIY. Make it without any sewing needs. No need a thread no need a needle. No need a sewing machine..

 Well i learn this step from youtube. Practice it at home and now sharing it to you. Hope this is work for you. And you love it. Coz its work for me and i love it too. and Hoping it can be inspiration too..

This Maxi Vest Layer was mad from Cotton Fabric or T-Shirt Fabric. This Maxi Vest layer we can use not only for casual look we can also make it for feminine look. Today i match it with my piled skirt and how do i look? Feminine isn't it?

Ok, lets begin the DIY Step by step
First you must prepare all the think we need.

1. T-Shirt Fabric. I Use 2 mtr x 1 mtr (Bahan kaos ukuran 2 mtr x 1 mtr)
2. Clothes Chalk (Kapur Baju)
3. Clothes Meter (Meteran Baju)
4. Scisscors (Gunting)
5. Tool For Tracing (Alat untuk menjiplak)

1. Fold the Fabric width into 2 Pieces
1. Lipat bagian lebar kain menjadi 2 bagian.

1. Mark the fabric about 15cm from the end of the fabric cutout
1. Tandai kain sekitar 15cm dari ujung kain dengan kapur baju
2. Mark the fabric about 15cm from the fold corner with clothes chalk, so the lines will meet at the point previously marked and form a square.
2. Tandai kain sekitar 15 cm dari ujung kain pada bagian yang dilipat/dari lipatan kain. sehingga garis akan bertemu pada titik yang ditandai sebelumnya dan membentuk bujur sangkar.

1. Make the circle in the middle of the intersection line, trace it with trace tool. This is use for hand hole.
1. Buat lingkaran dengan kapur baju, tepat ditengah titik temu garis. Lingkaran ini berfungsi untuk membuat lubang tangan.
2. Cut Out the Circle that already marked.
2. Gunting lingkaran yang telah ditandai

Now you have a hole on your fabric. Thats use for hand. and we'll see what happens..

How is it?
Preety cool isn't it?


Back View

Well, Hope you like it.. and inspired you.. *kiss
This MAXI VEST LAYER was made without any sewing, so its must be far away from the neatness and perfect. If you want it to be more neat you can sewing the fabric on each side.

Ok Guys, 
See You Again in another DIY


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Queenaya Bazaar Review Part II

Notice that the visitor are so excited with hijab tutorial, they keep asking how to wear all those shawl, and we appreciate it so much. We ask for permission to the bazaar committee for provide us a schedule on last minute to participate on the event to give a Hijab tutorial. How to wear the shawl. And The committee are so excited too. So we can participate and this is our first time to give a Hijab tutorial like a hijab Class. 

Audience are so excited, they pay attention so much with what we've presentation. And after the hijab tutorial presentation we give them a game. Repeat the tutorial and wear it to the model. Very fun coz they are so excited, run to the stage and follow the game. 3 participant are on the stage with they model, and repeat the hijab style that was we presented. Well, the really remember every style that we've give to them. And finally to appreciate that we gave them a gift. And they are so happy. And that make us happy too.
This Hijab Tutorial hope can be an experience for us to make next Hijab Class, 
and share many tips to others.

And hope it works for all muslimah. With Hijab we can also look beautiful and stylish.

See You Again,

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Queenaya Bazaar Review Part I


Little review about Queenaya Goes to Bazaar that was held on February 18, 2012 at SMP Assalam Bandung. Bazaar held only 1 day from 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM . And on that day QUEENAYA give 20% for all item are Purchased  with transaction on Place.

Well, that was so much fun. Bazaar its just like a direct selling, meet your customer at the time. Doing a transaction, doing some bargain between us and the buyer. Selling and silaturahmi Well, most the buyer is a mothers, so as a mothers they famous with a QUEEN of Bargain. They never stop to ask more discount, event we already give them a discount and the best price. hahahaha... But that a great moment. 

We Not Only selling the product to the customer, We share about fashion tips to with them. Some from them most is asked about how to wear the pashmina or tube shawl. So we give them a brief tutorial on the place. And thats was sogreat moment coz they love it and very excited. And Ask us to repeat it and repeat it again.

Thank you for all customer who already coming and drop on our booth. Thank you soooo much.
wish we meet in another chance.  


Me, Nova and The Customer ;)
Give the hijab style tutorial on the booth before went to the stage.
Me and The Model, Enci
Give the brief tutorial to the customer are coming the booth.

See You Again,

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Monday, February 20, 2012

I Love to Play With Scarf


I really love scarf. I have Polka Motif with the pink color, the favorite one. And the material made from Sifon Silk. Very slight and soft, so its very comfortable to everyday use. And very comfortable for some occasion either it for formal look or casual look.. you can use it. And i love to play with this Scarf, beside use it as a headscarf i also can use it as a outer.. and this is i show you the pic.. hope work for you too, play with your own scarf at home ;) 

Polka Scarf From Queenaya
Use it as Headscarf
Use it as Vest (Outer)
Use it as Front Vest (Outer)

I Wore:
Top: Black Hodiejah (Queenaya)// Black Inner (Queenaya)// Polka Scarf (Queenaya)//
Bottom Skirt: Japan Piled (Queenaya) //
Accessories: Clutch Bag (Belagio)// Sunglasses (Unbranded)

See You Again
Love to Share


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Friday, February 10, 2012

Style Inspiration: BOLD Look with Navy and Black


Navy and Black always be the basic color and Always be the favorite color for most peoples and for me to actually in fashion. I called it BOLD Look. Some time i match them with red. And here i match them with Square Hem Red, White, Navy. I Love it. Hope You too. Check this out ;) 


I Wore:
Navy Hodiejah (Queenaya)
Black Eleanor Skirt (Queenaya)
Square Hem (Point One)
Wedges (VNC)

See You Again, 


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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Queenaya Goes to Bazaar


 Queenaya Goes to Bazaar. Thats really happy finally we have a chance to join into a Bazaar, next steep for Queenaya going Offline shop, not only online shop. We can meet our customer. And they can choose our product directly.

So Guys,
It Will Be On This FEBRUARY
It Will Be On 18th
Must be HOLIDAY..

So You can come and drop by at QUEENAYA booth

Just visit our Bazaar Booth and drop by
Poster design by .AM//Aldhila Mahati

it would be Nice meet you there guys
Just don't missed it..


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Play and Work //Part II (Work)


Contiunued last post, this is some picture what i did when i work for QUEENAYA. Help Nova do a make up such "Memasang Bulu Mata Palsu" this is my second time. Indeed i'm a amatir on Make-up. I do make up just a ussual make up. On my daily look, i always i have natural make up, nothing special. but not to bad too.. hahahaa.. but maybe i'm talented to do an artistic work such "Memasang Bulu Mata Palsu" for Nova hahahaha.. maybe next i should try for my self, coz i haven't did that for my self :p. 

The other is i wrap a shawl for my Model, Nova. well, i talented for this than give a make up :D. hahaha but of course i'll learn to do and have a good make up maybe next i will be the Make Up artist, who's know? *hope.. 

The important thing in this part is Taking a Picture. well, i an amateur photographer too. Actually i love this part, coz i love photography long time before i have QUEENAYA. and with QUEENAYA its such i have self actualization, doing artwork, photography and artdesign.

Well, this is some picture.. 

Helping Nova Put "BULU MATA PALSU" lol
Well, NOT BAD kaaan? iyakaan? *maksa
Helping Nova wrap a Shawl

Preety Isnt she?? Yess!!
And This is some picture when i .AM take a photo for Queenaya 

Photo Taken By:
My Hubby
Pak Lukman (Nova Husband) Thank You So Much ;) 
and Some taken by Atat (Alya's Nany, Seem She Have Talented Too right) 

See You Again. 


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