Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hellow 2012

yesterday is history, today is gift and tomorrow is a mistery
Just Go Fight and Win for 2012

Learn from mistake was happened in 2011, and be a better person in 2012 with new goal, higher and bigger goal.. just dream, believe and make it happen like agmon said :D.. we can do the same thing..
Past is just a past, its just a story for us to learn more.. jangan berhenti berharap dan tetap tawakal.

Keep Fighting.. Jangan menyerah, tetep semangat, Allah be always beside us..

Navy Tube Shawl And Navy Inner Scraf ( Queenaya )
Herbie Jumpsweet ( Queenaya )
Wedges shoes ( VNC )

Lets set some goals and make it happen...
Dont wast your time, do something positive,

Aldhila Mahati

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