Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shoping Day

Seem forgot to update my blog for a couple week. well, beside dont know what i shall to post, i AM little bussy too at office.. hhmmm..
But yesterday, I've got little bit naughty, absent from office and go to Jakarta for shopping for QUEENAYA production needs, coz we need to prepare the product for Bazaar that will held on february 18th, 2012.. Kesana ya.. ;)

Hellow there ;)
Ops, need a porter to bring all shopin bag!!
Me and Nova
Pura-pura serius padahal tau mau difoto.. lol
ABG Style, Ups!!

i wore:
- Batwing Cardi (Unbranded)
- Hodiejah (Queenaya)
- Jeans (Novel Mice)
- Flat Shoes (Yongki Komaladi)
- Bag (Unbranded)


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