Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shoping Day

Seem forgot to update my blog for a couple week. well, beside dont know what i shall to post, i AM little bussy too at office.. hhmmm..
But yesterday, I've got little bit naughty, absent from office and go to Jakarta for shopping for QUEENAYA production needs, coz we need to prepare the product for Bazaar that will held on february 18th, 2012.. Kesana ya.. ;)

Hellow there ;)
Ops, need a porter to bring all shopin bag!!
Me and Nova
Pura-pura serius padahal tau mau difoto.. lol
ABG Style, Ups!!

i wore:
- Batwing Cardi (Unbranded)
- Hodiejah (Queenaya)
- Jeans (Novel Mice)
- Flat Shoes (Yongki Komaladi)
- Bag (Unbranded)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

School Friend Meet Accidentally


Thats was so greatfull, meet my old friend in high school, accidentally. Esti. She is my class mate when i was in fresh grade in high school.. Esti is so humble and cheerfull girl.. owhh i miss her so much. But Unfortunately its accidentally meet so we dont have much time to talk. Just brief conversation about our newly news. Miss you dear Esti. And we promise to have next appointment meeting, with the others too, owwh just cant hardly wait for that ;)

Me and Esti

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BBFF//Besties Best Friend Forever


My BBFF Nova, we meet when we first come in college, Nova is so friendly and she is my first mate that i know that time.. Time running and many thing happened, upset, angry, happy, everything.. Nova is perfectionist and i am a carelessness.. The differences between our characters that need adjustment (maybe till now :p). But we have a lot of things in common too, in fashion for exactly.

Time changed rapidly, we changed to0. Graduated, Work, Married and We Have a Daughter. We was graduated in the same year too, we had came in the same office too, and now we still together and we made business together Queenaya

We Wear:
Upoming HODIJAH from Queenaya


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012



You know what, i always love grey. WHY? coz i always can play with the color, now i match it with Pink. Love it. Hope you love it too ;) 

I AM Wearing:
Upcoming Hodiejah (Queenaya)
Herbie Jumpsweet (Queenaya)
Cardi (Unbranded)
Shoes (iWearUP)


Not allowed to copy & paste photo without permission.
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Friday, January 6, 2012



Hi there, just love to share that's are so much fun being a sister, and that are really a big think ;)

Me and Nissa (Nova sisters)
Nova and Nissa

See You Again,


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hellow 2012

yesterday is history, today is gift and tomorrow is a mistery
Just Go Fight and Win for 2012

Learn from mistake was happened in 2011, and be a better person in 2012 with new goal, higher and bigger goal.. just dream, believe and make it happen like agmon said :D.. we can do the same thing..
Past is just a past, its just a story for us to learn more.. jangan berhenti berharap dan tetap tawakal.

Keep Fighting.. Jangan menyerah, tetep semangat, Allah be always beside us..

Navy Tube Shawl And Navy Inner Scraf ( Queenaya )
Herbie Jumpsweet ( Queenaya )
Wedges shoes ( VNC )

Lets set some goals and make it happen...
Dont wast your time, do something positive,

Aldhila Mahati