Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tausiah with HC Bandung

On Sunday me and Nova was attend HC Bandung event, Tausiah with Sasa Esa, talk about Keberkahan Doa Ibu. Event was held at Qahwa Cafe at Progo Street. And this my first time attend HC event in Bandung. And thats was Fun. Knows peoples, have a new friend new knowledge and of course connecting cords of Silaturahmi..

Look to all those pretty women was came..

Some come from other city and some come from malaysia..

I AM ready to take a picture with all ukhti are coming.. :)

Nova with Ghaida

So far I Only See Ghaida through her blog or Hijaberscommunity Blog, and now i see her.. well shes cute and funny little bit "Lebay" hahaha.. but she's nice.. and everyone asked to have a picture with her.. i said to Ghida.. "well Ghaida, you are like an celebrity.." hahahaha.. isn't it?

i AM, Iyonk and Nova

i AM and Iyonk
Oyaa,, so suprise i meet my old friend Iyonk, we haven't meet since a few years ago.. well, thats miracle of silaturahmi.. thats nice to see you Iyonk, hope we'll meet on other occasions.. well it just like a reunion between Me Nova and Iyonk..

Ups that was Candid look to all face was caputure.. lol

Ok guys,, its love to share

C u arround..


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