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Hi there just want to Introduce you about QUEENAYA, What is QUEENAYA? Who is QUEENAYA?
  • Queenaya is Me and Nova (My Best Friend)
  • Queenaya is My Business join with my best friend Nova (hope someday it'll become bigger..  Aamiin..) 
  • Queenaya is our Clothing Online Shop, sells about women stuff, dress, pashmina, etc, now still running online and Our goal 2012 we will open the offline store. Aamiin.
  • Queenaya is Our LABEL. The name that someday will be appear in every Indonesian Women Cloths :D

Me and Nova is Founder of Queenaya

Queenaya are started from a brief chat when i had a chated on YM with Nova, discuss about newly fashion are happening at this time.. Especially we talk about Hijab Fashion Style are Happening Today. With new style are up coming today, but we still hard to find the store who sells thats kind stuff.. (hohoho shopiing) and from that issue, we decide to have business together, take the opportunities from what the happening today especially on fashion, on Hijab Fashion. If we still have trouble finding a store that sells Hijab Cloths, so why not us who provide it?? Helping other girl, woment who feel the same thing with us, finding a hijab store.

 We start the plan what we will sale?? who is our customer? which market we will  enter?? then wheres we can find the best tailor to made all or cloth design, well this is the hardest part, finding the tailor.. huuftt!! And we prepare all thing that we need to prepare as new beginning entrepreneur.

And the rest are all just flows .. run following the time and we learn and learn every day to get better, make the best business in this country.. our goal for 2012 is All Indonesia Use QUEENAYA have an Outlet in city and next 5 years is we open branch office in all Indonesia.. Aamiin..

Oya, Queenaya name are taken from our daughter name, Queen and Alya (aka Aya). Queen is Nova's daughter and Aya is My Daughter name. Queenaya is Aya Queen, its colaboration languange Sundanese-English mean  "ADA RATU". Our hope is that all Queenaya customer feel like a queen while their wearing Queenaya. hohoho...

Last but not the last, please visit Queenaya Official Website at, and dig around there.. hope you like it ;)


Ok, Guys thats a brief stories, continued it next post ;)


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