Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet The Queens

Meet the queens is like a routine meeting, meet for queenaya, for talk about queenaya or something else..
Yesterday i meet nova at bsm and the we take some picture. maybe some picture we'll use as product display at Queenaya.. well hangout for business thats are fun.. beside for silaturahmi we can talk about business, a productive thing!! and this is some foto was taken..

Me and Nova

Little Bit Narcis, but This Picture We Decide to Use it as Queenaya Product Display

Nova Bussy Selling Queenaya, Everytime, Everywhere..

 Bdw, the last picture was candid while Nova bussy selling Queenaya. Mmmhh.. someday we will soon open Queenaya Offline Shop dear, and you dont need replay all text was coming and all phone notification :D

Talk about thats, actually me and nova have each task at Queenaya, well we can call Nova as a Frontliner and me as a Backoffice, but i'll keep this for next post ;)

See Yaa..


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