Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Post


Just want to share the Random Photo, and this photo explain wheres QUEENAYA name come from.. it from our daughter name.. QUEEN and AYA.. and the name such a spirit for us for GO FIGHT and WIN!!

Wheres QUEENAYA name came from..
See you Tomorrow


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Turning 29


I .AM 29 Today, Gosssh!!
That number freaks me out.. I'm only a year away from being 30. LOL.

Getting old hope getting wise too, more patient with life problem, and of course i wish a lot of bless in my new age. Get much Love for all people, healthy, success in career and family. oowwhh thats a lot of wish.. just wish all the best and very happy happy happy birthday.. aamiin..

Bedewey, thank youuu sooooo much to everyone, family, friends who wished beautiful wishes for me via call, text, facebook, twitter and BBM! Because of you guys, turning 29 didn't a bad thing after all! :D

Little surprise from special one ;)

See You Again,


Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Day

There jammed and there is a camera, so i took this picture..
Love Them So Much..


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mothers Day Quiz

In Order to Celebrate Mothers Day, Queenaya held The Mothers Day Quiz, just mention @Queenaya_id your Simply Mothers Day Greeting with hastag #mothersday #queenayaquiz. And the best mention will win Special Gift From Queenaya. Mention will be closed at 09.00 Today. So for you @Queenaya_id dont miss it.. Send your Mothers Day Greeting


Mothers Day

Today is Mother Day, and I'd like to say Happy Mothers Day to my mother (Mama) and mother-in-law (Ibu).. and to all mothers in the world, Happy Mothers Day..

I Wish Allah Always Bless Them and
Give Them Healthy and Happines

Happy Mothers Day to Ma Self and
To all Women in da World..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tausiah with HC Bandung

On Sunday me and Nova was attend HC Bandung event, Tausiah with Sasa Esa, talk about Keberkahan Doa Ibu. Event was held at Qahwa Cafe at Progo Street. And this my first time attend HC event in Bandung. And thats was Fun. Knows peoples, have a new friend new knowledge and of course connecting cords of Silaturahmi..

Look to all those pretty women was came..

Some come from other city and some come from malaysia..

I AM ready to take a picture with all ukhti are coming.. :)

Nova with Ghaida

So far I Only See Ghaida through her blog or Hijaberscommunity Blog, and now i see her.. well shes cute and funny little bit "Lebay" hahaha.. but she's nice.. and everyone asked to have a picture with her.. i said to Ghida.. "well Ghaida, you are like an celebrity.." hahahaha.. isn't it?

i AM, Iyonk and Nova

i AM and Iyonk
Oyaa,, so suprise i meet my old friend Iyonk, we haven't meet since a few years ago.. well, thats miracle of silaturahmi.. thats nice to see you Iyonk, hope we'll meet on other occasions.. well it just like a reunion between Me Nova and Iyonk..

Ups that was Candid look to all face was caputure.. lol

Ok guys,, its love to share

C u arround..


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet The Queens

Meet the queens is like a routine meeting, meet for queenaya, for talk about queenaya or something else..
Yesterday i meet nova at bsm and the we take some picture. maybe some picture we'll use as product display at Queenaya.. well hangout for business thats are fun.. beside for silaturahmi we can talk about business, a productive thing!! and this is some foto was taken..

Me and Nova

Little Bit Narcis, but This Picture We Decide to Use it as Queenaya Product Display

Nova Bussy Selling Queenaya, Everytime, Everywhere..

 Bdw, the last picture was candid while Nova bussy selling Queenaya. Mmmhh.. someday we will soon open Queenaya Offline Shop dear, and you dont need replay all text was coming and all phone notification :D

Talk about thats, actually me and nova have each task at Queenaya, well we can call Nova as a Frontliner and me as a Backoffice, but i'll keep this for next post ;)

See Yaa..




Hi there just want to Introduce you about QUEENAYA, What is QUEENAYA? Who is QUEENAYA?
  • Queenaya is Me and Nova (My Best Friend)
  • Queenaya is My Business join with my best friend Nova (hope someday it'll become bigger..  Aamiin..) 
  • Queenaya is our Clothing Online Shop, sells about women stuff, dress, pashmina, etc, now still running online and Our goal 2012 we will open the offline store. Aamiin.
  • Queenaya is Our LABEL. The name that someday will be appear in every Indonesian Women Cloths :D

Me and Nova is Founder of Queenaya

Queenaya are started from a brief chat when i had a chated on YM with Nova, discuss about newly fashion are happening at this time.. Especially we talk about Hijab Fashion Style are Happening Today. With new style are up coming today, but we still hard to find the store who sells thats kind stuff.. (hohoho shopiing) and from that issue, we decide to have business together, take the opportunities from what the happening today especially on fashion, on Hijab Fashion. If we still have trouble finding a store that sells Hijab Cloths, so why not us who provide it?? Helping other girl, woment who feel the same thing with us, finding a hijab store.

 We start the plan what we will sale?? who is our customer? which market we will  enter?? then wheres we can find the best tailor to made all or cloth design, well this is the hardest part, finding the tailor.. huuftt!! And we prepare all thing that we need to prepare as new beginning entrepreneur.

And the rest are all just flows .. run following the time and we learn and learn every day to get better, make the best business in this country.. our goal for 2012 is All Indonesia Use QUEENAYA have an Outlet in city and next 5 years is we open branch office in all Indonesia.. Aamiin..

Oya, Queenaya name are taken from our daughter name, Queen and Alya (aka Aya). Queen is Nova's daughter and Aya is My Daughter name. Queenaya is Aya Queen, its colaboration languange Sundanese-English mean  "ADA RATU". Our hope is that all Queenaya customer feel like a queen while their wearing Queenaya. hohoho...

Last but not the last, please visit Queenaya Official Website at, and dig around there.. hope you like it ;)


Ok, Guys thats a brief stories, continued it next post ;)