Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some Words in First Post


Hello There Nice to know you are dropped here ;)

My name is Aldhila Mahati, friends call me Dhila, but as reader you can call me AM. AM is for Aldhila Mahati, AM is for At Morning, when inspiration always come to me, so i love to use that nickname in my blog and AM for I AM Aldhila Mahati and I AM Good of course.. well little bit narcis hehehehe.. Actually this is not my first blog, but since i never focus about what i will share in my old blog, so i started this new blog with new things and try to focus with what i will be blogging about. I will blogging about all what i love, what i like to do, about hobby or something else, the positive think that maybe i could share with you all.. 

I love to share something but never found the place to share yet, hope whit this blog i could share many thing, this blog are such a book that i post all what i learn so someday i can reviewed again..and hope it'll work for you too readers ;)

Oya, dont forget to leave feedback.  Please leave some comments for any post that interesting you, dont afraid to leave any feedback even disagreement, in the good way of course, and please do not use any "Bad Word" when you leave comments:)
i'll so much appreciated for any feedback are coming and it'll encourage me to share more more more and more..